A 20 Year-Old’s Prayer for Tuesday’s Election

Rachel Madden
3 min readNov 3, 2020

as my first general election arrives, this is my posture.

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There are many things that could be said about the 2020 election, and many things have indeed been said (or shouted and tweeted).

Truly, this election is important, and the weight of it is not to be ignored.

But, rather than impart whatever wisdom my 20 year-old self has (or rather, doesn’t have) to offer, I really just want to offer the posture I’ve been striving for, structured by what I’ve been praying these past few weeks. I hope it may encourage and challenge you, even as I have been convicted.

My Prayer

Almighty and most merciful Father, as Your servant I come with confidence before the throne of grace on behalf my nation.

First, I acknowledge who You are. You are sovereign & holy, unchanging and unchanged by those things which toss me to & fro. Your kingdom is greater than every empire or nation, beyond all human might or cunning. Your salvation and deliverance is not one of military fame or political genius, but of transformed lives given for the sake of Christ.

You alone are King.

I pray for the people of my nation as they place their votes. Give them discernment and wisdom, holding to what is good, holy and right, even when it is messy and difficult to navigate. Would the people of this nation pursue justice and righteousness in the officials we elect.

I pray for the candidates, both those who win and those who lose. Would You grant them gracious hearts, humility and discernment as they govern or as they return to life as citizens.

I pray for Your bride, the church. With great love and care for Your body, I pray that our primary concern would be of witness, not of a win. Grant us graciousness in the way we speak, peace in every outcome, and trust in Your purposes. I pray our allegiance would be first to You, King Jesus, not to a political party or candidate.

Convict us where we have placed our hope and heart’s affections in things that are not worthy.

I pray that our conduct as believers would be worthy of the call we’ve received. Make us self-controlled, kind, generous, joyful and faithful people, Holy Spirit. Would our witness on Election Day, and every day after, be a testimony of Your goodness to us, and the security of our hope.

I pray for the days after Tuesday.

Give us peace, even in disappointment and pain. Grant us unity, not division. Keep us from the temptation to gloat or to attack. Make us sincere people, not full of bitterness, sarcasm or cynicism.

I pray that we would hold accountable those officials we elect. Give us endurance and conviction to work beyond the ballot box for human flourishing in our communities, to work alongside others toward justice and the welfare of our cities.

Lastly, Father, I pray we as Your people would submit to Your sovereign will as is best for us, even if we cannot see the end of it yet.

Our peace is in You. Our hope is in Jesus. Our allegiance is Yours.

Your presence is our good and our inheritance forever.

May Your kingdom come and Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.

In the name of Jesus, the one & only King forever, amen.

— Rachel

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