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Rachel Madden
amateur creative. rookie adult. coffee enthusiast. lover of puns and fun. lifelong learner.

I got COVID-19, and I’ve been quarantined in my room for days. I’ve never felt the depth of Advent like this before.

| Photo by Volodymyr HryshchenkoUnsplash |

As soon as I started feeling congested, the wait began.

I started self-quarantining to limit my exposure to other people and scheduled a coronavirus test. Even as my symptoms kept getting worse, I thought it was a head cold I could just ride out.

After three days, I anxiously waited for what I thought for sure would be a negative test result.

I finally got the email. I hurriedly typed in my student ID, waiting to joyously read…

as my first general election arrives, this is my posture.

| Photo by Umit BulutUnsplash |

There are many things that could be said about the 2020 election, and many things have indeed been said (or shouted and tweeted).

Truly, this election is important, and the weight of it is not to be ignored.

But, rather than impart whatever wisdom my 20 year-old self has (or rather, doesn’t have) to offer, I really just want to offer the posture I’ve been striving for, structured by what I’ve been praying these past few weeks. …

Christians are called to something more than just critiquing positions we don’t agree with.

| Photo by Wyron AUnsplash |

The past five months have been hard. We’ve wrestled with a global pandemic, death, isolation, injustice, and an upcoming presidential election.

While these times have illuminated many things, I’ve become particularly concerned about one trend I see in my community, specifically fellow white Christians:

It seems we are quicker to critique than to engage well, especially when it comes to hard, complex conversations.

This trend is not something I see occurring in some faraway place. …

something is broken in how we as believers approach racism.

| Photo by Annie Spratt — Unsplash |

After the death of George Floyd and the ensuing protests, the conversation about racism is happening almost everywhere. It’s happening in our homes, on social media, in company boardrooms, in city council meetings and police departments. And it’s happening in church.

As this conversation has been happening in the church, it’s become clear we have a problem with our posture.

Namely, individualism is harming the posture of the church in confronting racism.

First, what is individualism?

Individualism is a value system in which the individual is of more value than the whole, the collective…

The murder of George Floyd has exposed our shallow understanding of biblical lament.

| Photo by Annie SprattUnsplash |

Over the past month, and especially in the past two weeks, injustice and evil have confronted us through the brutal murders of Ahmaud Arbery and George Floyd.

I watched those videos and my stomach turned over. My body viscerally responded to the evil I watched unfold on a screen. I shut off my phone and paced in my living room. Shock turned to rage turned to pain as tears spilled over. …

in the chaos of the coronavirus, there’s a hope beyond ourselves.

| Photo by Freddie Marriage on Unsplash |

So much has happened in three weeks, am I right?

I returned to my hometown in Texas in the middle of the semester after my classes went online, so I’ve just been busy telling myself, “I’m not a drop-out, I’m not a drop-out, I’m not a drop-out”.

In all seriousness though, I’ve spent these three weeks doing all kinds of things. Some of it has been really good and beautiful — I’ve spent time cooking, sketching, learning how to edit video (it’s a painfully slow process), going on long…

Understanding how rejecting the lens of color & ethnicity is harmful & contrary to the Gospel.

| Photo by Ulvi SafariUnsplash |

“Girl passes out after doing one too many leg press reps.”

That was almost the headline of a story recently because I overdid it on the reps AND the weight in my workout.

I had such good intentions to make my legs stronger, but I managed to take those intentions and turn them into something that badly missed the mark. …

| Photo by Jake |

I’d like to start this off by giving a full disclaimer: I’m 20 years old, so my brain isn’t fully formed yet. I have lots to learn, much of life yet to live, and hormones working overtime. You have full permission to take parts of this might be valuable or helpful and to leave parts of that might be unknowingly naive or incorrect.

My heart in writing this is not to be the expert, but simply to organize a simple, biblical framework for how we as Christians should approach the ongoing impeachment trial of our president. I’m doing it as…

Why margins are such an integral part of following Jesus.

| Photo by Hans Vivek — |

Melodies warming cold prison cells, hushed prayer in dimly lit basements, bold peace radiating in the faces of the tortured. The slavery of the Israelites, Stephen’s stoning, the execution of John the Baptist, the scattering of the Jewish Christians. The underground Chinese church and the faith of persecuted refugees.

These are but a few of the places in which the Gospel has thrived. It’s a paradox really.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ heralds a Kingdom not of ease and of wide roads, but one of difficult obedience and narrow gates…

How homes cultivate the context for true connection in our lives.

| Photo by Paul Hanaoka — |

I ninja-kicked the air and yelled, “GUYS, I’M HOME!”

I laughed as I yelled it, and the door banged shut behind me. My roommate stepped out into the hallway and cocked her head at me mouthing, “SHE’S ASLEEP!”, as she pointed to our other roommate’s bedroom.

I came in so full of steam after the first day of class only to wake up my roommate from her nap (facepalm).

I guess you could say I know something about making an entrance into a home.

That might be surprising considering…

Rachel Madden

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